Friday, August 14, 2009

Big Annoucement, GiveAway, London Bloggers meetup, Love Eve Sales

some sugar paste patterns I made yesterday

I'm back from France, and lots of blogs post will be coming up. But before that, I want to make a few big big annoucement.

Love Eve Beauty Giveaway:

To celebrate the possibly 50 th blogger following my blog, i'm going to do a firstever giveaway (and open to internationally) I'm at the moment putting together a giveaway pack, all giveaway prizes will be unused, brand new! Will include some items that I did a review about, if you want, a Dao Dao paw of approval will be added (lol, he's been messing with my foundations recently, think he needs a make over)

a lazy Dao

London Bloggers meet up:

I have been thinking about arranging a meetup to those bloggers who are interested. If anyone wants to meet up, please drop a comment, and i'll try to find a date and annouce a venue for everyone. Most likely to be at Westfields (as it is easy to find a place to chat and play with makeup counters)

Also, to put some glitters to the event, i'll be baking some special cupcakes which I just learnt from faircakelondon

How's Greentea cupcakes, Red Bean cupcake and Dao Dao cupcake (that's sesame cupcake) sounds?

My creation from my cupcake lesson

Love Eve Sales

Yes, Love Eve Sales. I will be putting some of my items up for sales, it is not beauty specific. I am also bringing some items from Hong kong for sale as I wanted to try to help out with the cost of Dao Dao's upbringing... (joking.. but Dao's just got his pet insurance, and holy.. it is most expensive than my monthly astham prescriptions)

A preview of Love Eve Sales:

Elisha Coy Triple BB Cream

Samsonite x Alexander McQueen luggage


  1. yay for giveaways! and i wish i were in london! :)

  2. dao dao is so adorable^^ i want to cuddle him!lol
    ..aa.. yummy cakes~__~ they look so good ♥

  3. I am definitely up for a meeting up:-)Though im not a blogger,i read a lot of beauty blogs!

    That luggage certainly looks interesting,if you can give me a preview of the price i think i may just snap it up,haha.

  4. Your cupcakes looks divine, I would love a recipe for those LOL!

  5. Hi Eve! I'd love to meet up at Westfields sometime in early september when I'm back from Oman!



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