Friday, July 10, 2009

Fukuoka Part 2 -super photos heavy

thanks everyone. I feel welcome back to the blogger world with your comments.

You might think it's funny to pick a place to go to, when it is 2 hours by flight away from Tokyo. But for me, I treated this as my last chance to travel as a single (yet engaged) so I picked a place which I won't normally, that's Fukuoka.

Started my day with a trip to Daizaifu, a famous temple for academic success. We got very lost in the transport system as there's at least 2 fukuoka station (for different network) and we took the wrong trainline.

Me reading the map how to get to Daizaifu

Then we're there, in the middle of the heavy rain, we had a great shopping on traditional souvenir and food there, and I just love the envirnoment. Traditional yet friendly.

We then spent our evening shopping!!!

2nd day in Fukuoka

so we met up with Ushida at the hostel, and he asked where we want to go. I said Fukuoka Tower!! but seriously its boring,

so boring that only the robosquare, featuring Aibo and Hello Kitty robot is worth mentioning

so we took a green bus, and met a Mainichi Shinpun (Everyday Newspaper) reporter so he took some photos of me for his article.

Photo for Reporter.. a diligent tourist trying to read up

then we went for udon :) yummy

after that we toured around fukuoka for the float. This is a special feature at the fukuoka gion festical, there are 13 float dotted around the city, each sponsored by the area. And each told a different stories.

We also went to a buddhist temple

see the buddha? They are wrapped up in towels only during the festival

and finally ended up at a tea garden

and of course, how can we missed Yatai? The famous street food in fukuoka?

You see the woman with white face, apprently she's a famous enka singer..

so that's all from Fukuoka..

I should really do a beauty post very soon what do you think?


  1. aww, Japan Japan Japan.... so much fun over there

  2. Thanks for sharing! I lived in Tokyo as a child, never been to Fukuoka!

  3. Welcome back~ omg I so want to go to Japan! You look very pretty too =D I bet you bought lots of products over there..LOL yes a beauty post would be very nice =P

  4. Hi.. I'm a new follower. Great photos you have there!

  5. Wow, I enjoyed looking at the photos! I love your panda bag! Isn't it funny how you bump into reporters, I think you mentioned two reporters so far haha Whoa, I love enka! You're lucky to have met a real Enka singer in person. I want visit Japan some day, maybe next year after graduation!



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