Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kiss me Heroine Make masks

Finally a beauty review. It seems this is one of the very few masks review in English. So I'll try to be as thorough as possible.

Kiss Me Heroine Make is a brand I used to stay away, I never trust overly pretty packaging, as I feel it is a way to hide their weakness. My friend K, who travelled with me to Fukuoka, recommended these masks to me. She said, 'you must try' and threw me a mask. Her comment was 'these mask are stars, for emergency use only, if in case you think you can' t put any makeup the day after (i.e. heavy drinks late nights) put these on and you'll see miracles', at that time, I saw miracles, yes it cost 450 yen each, which is rather expensive.

So why did I stock up? For the 'miracle' purpose. There are days when your skin says enough is enough, and that's when you bribe your skin. So lets look at it:

Use + Ingredients:

Moisturising mask with various ingredients

Red: Pearl Powder + hydraulic acid

Blue: Aloe Vera + Cactus

black : artichoke + ursolic acid (only mask claims for whitening purpose)

white : birch  + ursolic acid

Green: Peach + caffeine + collegan


450 yen each that's 4.5 USD per mask


Due to the expensive nature, I actually only used the red (original) and the Black mask. All masks has 27ml of moisturising liquid/serum in it, so I manage to spread all the serum on my neck, and both arms! (yes both arms!) there's plenty if you want, you can store it up in a little jar to use for next time with your own mask.

The mask are very very thin, thinner than the expensive version of beauty Dairies Mask, I broken the Black mask once and need to be extreme careful.


It is one of the most moisturising mask I ever used, perhaps because it is soak with serum. Of course comparing it to Beauty Diaries Mask is totally unfair, pricewise they are on two different planet. I probably recommend these mask for those girls who have important dates coming up. i.e. if you are dating someone and want to look your best, use these mask beforehand, and it guarantee your face is moisturise for all the makeup to be put on to it. Also, to be used after a flight journey as your skin will cry for moisturiser.

Another use are those people who have oily skin. One of the reasons for oily skin is that your skin is not moisturised. I will recommend if you want to splash out, buy 10 of these mask, and to a treatment every other day, it should dramatically improve your skin. (I did the same thing a few years ago, splash out on a very moisturising mask and did a treatment for over 1 month, and my oily skin is completely gone)

other bloggers comment that if you have dry skin or aftersun exposure, these mask are great to help as well.

My friend has compare this mask to the SKII mask, both are called the skin saver.

Which one to buy?

I recommend buying the black version, as it has whitening purpose. Other bloggers recommend the white version and the original version is also very good as well. The blue version is a bit sticky afteruse so unsure if anyone want to try it. Unfortunately, the green is a LE so it is difficult to get hold off (once you're addicted to it)


  1. Great review. Are they only available in Japan?

  2. Hi Amanda, unfortunately the masks are only available in Japan but ebay has plenty to offer (so does Rakuten)

  3. Get review, I love these masks. The packaging is so cute I sometimes don't want to use them. But I buy mine here in California at Mitsuwa, and I've seen them in a few other places so I don't think they're only available in Japan.

  4. Thanks a lot for this review..I really love to buy one^^

  5. Nice review!
    I'll have to dig around HK to see if I can find them.



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