Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tokyo japan Tour (Final)

Hi girls... I am finally settled again from my touring life. Every year due to whatever reasons I toured around UK, this year it was for a conference in Liverpool and I went to Snowdonia in Wales. So perhaps rather than beauty reviews, there're more travel blogs coming. (I have a Frane trip in 2 weeks time so not quite settle yet) I wanted to round up my japan tour before move on to UK tours. My tokyo tour is splited into 2, one the day I arrived in Tokyo and the other during yet another conference in TUFS. I stayed in a Business Ryokan,

ooo just being bored: I decided to go to Odaiba and Tokyo Tower and went to the place where Yumeko mentioned, the fake/traditional place. I thought it was interesting (the shops) which they are, unfortunately, to stay away from Chinese food, I had a crap dinner (all you can eat bbq except they run out of nearly everything)

the view at Odaiba (unfortunately i can't find the Fuji TV tower..)
Anyone for Love Vacation? that's where it took place

the station for Odaiba

one of the shop in Odaiba shopping mall

the night view of Odaiba before i left for Tokyo tower

after 3 days in Fukuoka I went back to Tokyo. I met Nicnic before I need to checked in to the hotel, it took us ages as there's several West Entrance in Shinjuku :) but yet we found eachother in the name of Godiva (thank god Godiva didn't become an international superchain and owns more than 2 branch in Shinjuku.. if not we're stuck) so we went to have a japanese lunch and did more shopping!

Her blog post about our meeting:

Nicnic treated me ice-cream in this funky ice-cream shop. Until today, I still really wanted the music they played. I think it is in the genre of cute girly hosue music , and something like what the girlband Perfume will play. Hmm...

I thought this rubbish bin is quite funky as well

I stayed in Kichijoji which is a surburb in Tokyo. It is halfway point between Tokyo and TUFS (Tokyo university of Foreign Studies) and I did the rest of my shopping there. I didn't go out much as I got a presentation to prepare and as usual I was changing my presentation slide the last minute. I managed to sneak out for half day tour in the famous Park (where the j-drama Last Friend took place) and had a Okinawa lunch as well.

This okinawa set lunch is sooo cool. My favourite is the bitter melon stir fry egg.a band that we met at the Inokashira Park

So that's all really from tokyo. My souvenir from Toyko has also arrived (there's too much of them) i'll make sure I take time to make a post dedicated to my japan haul.

What's this? a teaser for next post (a day-trip in CHester)


  1. Great Pics!!

    Your evening shot of Odaiba looks like a postcard.

  2. hey thanks miss.Frendz :) I was trying to improve on my photography skills but seriously.. I'm really bad at it..
    I seems to take better shot in Black and White (or that's everyone can?)

  3. Thanks for sharing!! Loots like you had a great time!



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