Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Design! New beginning

New design! New Beginnings

Did you notice something different? Oh yes, a new banner featuring Dao dao(he is fine btw, just kept meowing and jumping on me to be let out) and new background colour.

I have not been on communicating with nearly everyone just coz I need some time to settle again. It took me a week to draft up a plan for the next 6 months (featuring 2 journal article, 1 JLPT exam and my thesis of course) I decided to take things just a bit slowly. Suffering from daily asthma attack is not a great thing as I didn't have any attacks for more than 6 years as well (not sure if it is dao or spider webs hmmm)

I need to think of a new way to blog and upload at the same time. I managed to find a upload now function on my openoffice software, but still need to upload pics one by one. Anyone got a good solution?

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