Saturday, January 23, 2010

Borghese blue and pink mask

Love the blue mask
My face feels so refresh like drinking mint tea


  1. thats interesting! I tried the pink ones, it was good in terms of brightening and deep-cleansing though the sting just didn't feel worth it for me. Never tried the white or the green ones though, did not realise there was a green one, what is it for?

  2. I had the pink one for ages (and it comes to the time I really shd throw it away)
    the blue one is for hydrating skin only. But it is sooo difference in texture! not muddy at all. Like gel...

  3. I have both of them. I love the blue one for hydrating skin. The pink one is too dry for me (combination skin -on the dry side/cheek). I only used it for T-zone, but still bit dry for me. I gave it away to my sis (who has oily skin) and she loves it.



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