Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Snowing!!! My trip in Yorkshire

Happy new year!

I have been busy with all those celebrations and taking care of the 2 little monsters at home. SO this is travel post :)

those who are following me on twitter (Dreve0317) knows that I have been busy. I met up with yinnie for NYE. hehe surprise darling! And of course, there were some cupcakes to offer as well. Shame we can’t stay as we need to dash back to my friend’s brother, who was home alone as a typical Otaku.

Went to Yorkshire last weekend and we were so lucky. There was thick snow everywhere. Except S’ car cant’ really deal with snow, so I kept going out to check the traffic so that his car can roll back and reverse to somewhere safe.

So here you go.. some travel fun photos

this is Castle howard near York. We went in free because the staff were too cold to man the ticket offce or the security box. We had the all place to ourselves!! And yes i was excited and jumping around

lying on top of snow... in front of the main mansion in Castle Howard

my magical wellingtons boots from Joules. They keep me safe on black ice and dry!! thank you S who told me to bring them along. Poor S with his trainers

If you want some pretty waiters/waitress in uniform and good afternoon, you must go to Bettys (Cafe). They serve one of the best afternoon tea in my opinion. the down point was you need to wait. No reserving allowed.
See the woman in furcoat? I thought I was in russia haha

The Bresaola sandwich at Bettys. Raw beef with very very nice salad. Oh yummy!!

If you came to England without trying some local produced sausage.. you have missed out. This is one of the best banger and bash i tasted. on Goodramgate in York.

so that’s all from me. I have tried out a few new products this x’mas so I shall blog about them soon, when i can take some time out from cats.

Dao and chu eating... chu is really growing very quickly. they have the same bum now


  1. it looks really fun there! your boots are so cute with those strips :)

  2. it looks so fun!! not cold at all haha

  3. Castle Howard and Betty's too!! Wow!! I've always wanted to go to Castle Howard--and I love Betty's!

    See you soon!

  4. very cute photos out in the snow :) i need to find some decent boots!

  5. I'd love to try bangers and mash some day. Great pics and happy new year! :D



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