Thursday, January 7, 2010

Skin MD Shielding lotion review (in lomo)

*Disclaimer: this product is given to me by Skin MD Natural for review purpose*

Wow. think the PR in Skin Md thought the parcel been lost. no.. it’s been sitting with me since the postal strike stopped but as I have tonnes on my list, and I don’t want to write yet another normal review. i decided to fully test it out before writing this.

What is it:
Shielding Lotion. basically the concept is to create a layer to prevent your skin from harm of the outside world. For me, it sounds like the use of primer for foundation or simply foundation to protect your skin.
This version I receive also contains SPF 15, which I think is crucial on all foundations and moisturiser. (IPSA Listen to me here!!!)

How to use:
Apply after your moisturiser

How much and weight:
this version with SPF 15 cost 19.99 per bottle for 120ml
and the one without spf is 14.99 (ouch... it cost as much as my boots No.7 cream)

lotion on my hand

How do I use it and when:
you know when you have a boyfriend... they sometimes turn round and say... ‘you know i think you have just put on too much make up there’.

Recently. maybe my Shiseido whitening toner is working.. all those foundation I bought in Summer (lancome, revlon etc) does not fit me another more. So the complain about too much makeup is being heard on a day in day out basis.

But... I don’t really want to go out with a bare face, so this works in replace to the foundation i have and create a layer of protection. I only dig this out because of the cold weather. The texture is rather thick and towards oily for me, and it is not immediately absorb by skin on face. perfect! this is what a winter moisturiser should do in the days when your skin dried out due to too much warm air at home

Now, this is not just a face lotion, but hand and body as well. i apply the lotion to the area of my ezcema on my legs and it really smooths it out. i prefer applying body lotion first then the shielding lotion later.

According to their site, you can replace your moisturiser with Shielding Lotion. oh yes, i love all in one

I really like the concept. Ok, it is call shielding lotion but for me is the ‘tell the boyfriend to go away and I’ll put a bare face for you’ lotion. I love the fact that you can put on something between your bare face and the harsh environment. I use this on the days even bB cream might be too lazy for me and I slap this on for a pop out to the shop trip.

In terms of a body lotion, i think the texture is better on the body rather than the face. i think the lotion is suitable for cold countries, but i’ll avoid this if I’m in Hong Kong. If my BB cream doesn’t work in HK, I dun think this is.

I totally love this but unfortunately it is rather on the pricey side. If you see this as a unique product, £19.99 won’t be an issue (Paul and joe is the same price). But the plain design will put people off. I wonder if the plain design is helping to keep the price low (?) for this unique product.
I wouldn’t have pick this up in my local pharmacy unless i get this for review purpose. I’m going to keep using it, in particular my body area to see if it’ll help with the eczema.

Will i buy it again?
Yes. Only in winter months and body use. I am going to replace my daily moisturizer with this and see how good it’ll be. My IPSA Metabolizer R4 (the most moisturise version) is not doing me anything this winter (we have snow snow and snow) for the past 2 weeks. And I want to see if it’ll help the eczema

If you’re looking only for something as a primer, or ‘boyfriend stop moaning lotion’ it might be a bit pricey. I would love to see if the price can go down around 3 to 5 pounds.


All photos taken in this review is by an iphone with the Lomo effect. I thought I better write something dfiferent, as there are quite a few beauty blogs that has feature this product

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