Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tiffany theme cupcakes

My friend J’s sister is getting married in April, and asking me for a few times they wanted to see if I can help with baking 200 cupcakes.

I initially gave them a commercial price, but thought, oh well, i’ll do it to what they need. So deal done, and I invited them home to taste some of the creation.

It took me around 2 hours to bake 24 cupcakes, mixing colours and baking without enough trays is slightly difficult but I managed.

Also received some cake stands as x’mas present so it was just perfect to put it out.

The bride wants a tiffany theme wedding.. so here you go. Enjoy !

I actually like this design a lot. Nice and simple. no fuss.

just another photos by the window

the top tier


the most popular design, two tone rose design...

I also gave these to Yinnie when I met her the same night. i simply can’t eat 24 cupcakes at all. Cats and S refused so I gave it to people who would appreciate it.


  1. these are so pretty, love the color theme

  2. Those cupcakes are amazing, how cute. I love cupcakes!

  3. Wow, they are so nice and pretty! :)

  4. cute. love the colour~ the two tone ones are so pretty^^~~ xx

  5. Wow! You're an awesome baker. It looks soo yummy and pretty! Almost too pretty too eat! ^.^ Boy, do I miss cupcakes, I haven't had them in ages!


  6. they all look yummy! i love cupcake :D

  7. You are SOOOOOOOOOOO artistic!! Do you want me to bring along a choc malteser cake on the 9th?

  8. those are all very pretty (and I'm sure yummy) cupcakes! i think i'd go a little crazy if i had to make 200 of them - but good for you :)



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