Monday, January 11, 2010

Maybelline Angelfit Two Way foundation review

So while I freeze in the very snowy weather in UK, i managed to stay home (ooo I stay home all day anyway) and take more photos with iphone. Seriously, The iphone camera functionality is not bad at all.

This is a review to compliment to Jennifer’s review to the two way foundation. Muah. jennifer. I won’t forget you even you’re in Denmark and still desperate find you the sleek palette

Anyway, Jennifer managed to haul this for me from Hong kong as I wanted to try this. She got OC3 under my instruction ‘get the shade which is darker than yours’ and hence OC3.

And if you are thinking why the case looks so different? I blinged it. I did this first thing I got it as I thought the casing is a bit plain

What’s this?
Maybelline Angelfit two-way foundation

What’s special about this?
Apparently is the Number 1 seller in Japan, and it is design especially for Asian woman. Also according to what I read online, it is really good if you are SE Asian woman as all reviews ‘complain’ it is rather dark. It starts the shade from OC1 which is roughly NC 20. Some even say OC1 is equalivent to a NC30 to start with.Anyway, what I want to say is this is a foundation for ladies with medium skin tone.

How much?
with casing around £10, without around £8. not bad not bad...

What do I think of it.
To start with, and unfortunately. The shade is a bit too dark. It think OC3 is even for girls of NC35-37.
The texture is rather dry even I wet my sponge to apply. But if you moisturise and prime your face well (i.e. I tried with priming Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer) it solved the drying area around the nose.
Coverage is good, not as heavy a the liquid version but good enough as a travel companion to use on its own.
Smooth on applying, and I can’t fault it at all.

Would you recommend it?
Yes. All medium skintone ladies which absolutely haul one. We should support a company who ‘accidentally’ made something especially for us.

P.S. I am also selling this away if anyone wants it. (I must dejunk my foundation) I’m creating a sales haul, but if anyone wants this I’ll sell this for £4 without case. Swatched once.

To compare how dark it is, i took a swatch of what i generally use:

E = Ettusais Pore Zero foundation in OC40
it is a lot lighter compare to the Angelfit OC3. And a lot yellow-tone. This is my one of the very little collection of perfect match foundation I got

N = Nanoce BB cream No.2
you can see a bit darker than Ettusais but still lighter than Angelfit. But remember, Nanoce supposingly adjust to your skintone so the darker colour here does not reflect truly on my face

A = Angelfit OC3
the darkest and not very easy to swatch either. It took at least 3 swatch to show up here on the cotton pad.


  1. aiya, too bad it doesn't match your shade! but you can always pick up from Watsons, Mannings when you're in HK in march!!!!!



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